Christmas Away

1957_109933810602_1441_nSitting at my desk in my parent’s house in the warm, hearing the howling of the wind and the spray of rain as cars driving past, I think back to a sunnier Christmas of 2008. I spend it in Gosford in central coast Australia with my friends, Lucy (who I recently went to Peru and Brazil with) and Becky. The sun was blazing and it seemed strange to see the sparkle of tinsel against more


Rome, where to begin, I guess highlight of my trip:

Trevi fountainRome is unlike another city I have ever been too. Is it a city that stands alone in magnificence. It will take your breath by its expanse of mind-blowing architecture, art and of course the delicious food.  We only had three full days, a morning and four nights, all though we did a mammoth amount of sightseeing but I am sure we still did not see all that could be seen!


Fontana di Trevi more

Rochina – Biggest Favela in Brazil

f1Experiencing a favela is a key thing to do when travelling in Brazil. We went on a tour organised by our hostel and thank goodness we did or we would surely have got very lost. Favelas have reputation for being dangerous places to go but the government has done a lot to cut down the amount of gang related crime in the favelas.

The Rochina is a complete maze of brightly coloured buildings that climb like more

Traveller’s Rest

friendsBeing part of the travelling community is a wonderful thing. You meet people of all different ages, nationalities and professions on buses, trains, boats, in the street, at hostels and on tours. Sometimes just for a quick chat or recommendation, other times for a whole day or evening. These are people you may keep in contact via facebook and may see again. The world has in some respects has become more

Why my trip to Christ Redeemer was so important to me

CR1As a person of faith, and by faith I mean the Christian faith, my visit to the Christ Redeemer was a matter of faith, not just visiting an iconic tourist attraction of Rio de Janeiro. I see the Christ Redeemer statue as being a symbol of the remaining Christian faith there still is in the world. The outstretched figure of Christ can be viewed from most parts of the city it is like more

The Excitement of a Big Trip!

‘I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list’ Susan Sontag

butterfliesIt’s hard to explain the excitement of a big trip but it’s like a warm glow that flows over your body and a broad grin that forms on your lips as well as the butterflies in your stomach. I have lots of butterflies at the moment as this is the first big flight by myself: eighteen hours long to Lima with a change in New York on the way in and via Miami on the way back. The warm glow and broad grin I get every time I think about it is what has got me through more

Dr Jekyll and Miss Hyde

‘It is not the length of life, but the depth of life’

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Jekyll and HydeHopefully by now you will have realised my play on words and realised I’m talking about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in a personal context. What I am not saying is that I have an evil alter-ego but that sometimes I feel like I am two different people who have been moulded into one!


One side of me thinks I should settle down in Devon and grow up, stick at my life and work. I have lived in other parts of England but more